Over 50 Years of "Firsts"

The Technology Leader in Drive-Thru,
since 1957....

Bavis Drive-Thru has been a targeted solutions provider specializing in Drive-Thru products and applications for the Financial, Medicinal, and Fast Food industries since the inception of the modern Drive-Thru concept. 

Unlike other companies with their “one-size-fits-all” products which suffer from cost and reliability issues stemming from inferior technology — Bavis Drive-Thru products are custom-engineered for the specific application.

About Bavis Drive-Thru

Bavis is a premier provider of drive-thru products for the financial, quick service, and pharmacy industries. Unlike our competitors, with their one-size-fits-all solutions, we offer innovative and patented pneumatic and non-pneumatic drive-thru solutions that address the specific needs of our customers. Everything we do is based on meeting the needs of our customers.

Currently, we offer four different remote drive-thru transport technologies—all other companies attempt to address customer issues with a single solution. These options give us incredible flexibility to solve each customer’s particular issue. Our solutions range from the simple, but vastly improved pneumatic tube carrier to replacing old systems with more cost-effective and reliable technologies including products like the TransTrax®, Solar TransTrax, and the  Vittleveyor® all of which use other means to move the carrier.

We offer nine models of bullet resistant drive-thru windowsfour deal or transaction drawers, a variety of drive-thru specific audio systems (including one that integrates drive-thru audio with the phone system), traffic control lane lights, drive-thru video solutions, plus a vehicle sensor and other specialty products including, but not limited to, the ATM-Trax which moves money out to the remote ATM building, a whole cassette at a time. We are also the only manufacturer to offer solar powered drive-thru equipment for the financial and pharmacy industries. 

Bavis drive-thru equipment is known for its reliability and durability, requiring far fewer service calls. Companies using Bavis products report lower installation costs, longer periods of consistent operating time, and lower overall cost of operation.

Bavis is a full service vendor for the entire drive-thru environment including: banking windows, pharmacy windows, lane lights, transaction drawers, and other pneumatic and traditional drive-thru systems.

Bavis equipment end-users can purchase from Bavis Sales and Service. Resellers can obtain equipment from Bavis. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to discussing your needs

In this section, we take a look at the problems faced by those involved in drive-thru operations. We explore multiple perspectives — from the purchaser, the installer, the service-techs and importantly the end-user. And how our products solve these issues. 

Sometimes You Need a Hero

What you may not know is that most drive-thru companies and their dealers rely on service calls to repair, or replace broken equipment that was built-to-fail.

At Bavis Drive-Thru we have engineered Financial and Pharmacy Drive-Thru Equipment with superior solutions in drive-up and remote-lane delivery. Products like our TransTrax® banking drive-thru delivery; along with our pharmacy-specific Captive Carrier TransTrax® are unique positive-drive systems. While our pneumatic tube systems: The Basic Pneumatic Tube System (BPS) and Advanced Pneumatic System (APS) provide a superior solution to all other pneumatic systems on the market, which are inferior and costly to service — despite their claims. Whether it is a brand new site or instances where a retrofit solution is needed — we have you covered.

Our advanced line of security drawers, including our flagship Transaction Drawer™ the PTD-5000 TANK, as well as several others that are smartly-designed for YOU to run your business — not to worry about constant costs of service calls. Mr. Drive-Thru and his dutiful dog Woof! have sniffed out the trouble in the industry, and are on a constant crusade to rid the world of drive-thru woes. Read Mr. Drive-Thru’s adventures here.

Let Bavis Drive-Thru be your hero! We will solve your problems, modernize your Drive-Thru and work with you to achieve your goals!

A Story of Empathy and Action

Done with downtime?

Clear and concise component engineering — mean your business is

Bavis Drive-Thru products average less than 1 service call per year! Being so easily serviceable, techs sing praise and retailers pay much less to maintain. This keeps you making money — not spending it.

An Evolution in Drive-Thru Solutions

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