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Bavis Drive-Thru Has All You Need!

Looking for a way to make your drive-thru pharmacy more relevant and modern for your customers? With the rapid advancements in drive-thru technology, drive-thru pharmacies are becoming more and more common. Purchasing and picking up medicine when you’re in a rush has never been so easy. Now you don’t have to find parking for your car and walk all the way to the pharmacy and then wait for your turn to come.

With Bavis Drive-Thru we can help you design a modular drive-thru pharmacy. You can incorporate a UL Listed Bullet Resistant Window. High Capacity Transaction Drawer, Superb Audio that reduces Environmental noise by as much as 90% (B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio), Pneumatic Tube Systems, and their technological successor to the Captive Carrier TransTrax®, and much more. Isn’t it time to provide your customers with an unforgettable service? Our equipment is so easy to install, techs’ sing our praises and companies love saving time and money by avoiding constant service calls. With our support network, you don’t have to put up with any delays and inconveniences that are associated with other, older, equipment.

Bavis Drive-Thru’s product line includes everything that is needed for a drive-thru facility, including several manual and fully-powered transaction drawers, workstation/countertops, cable management system, an adjustable trim for our windows so that it can easily be adjusted according to the width of your exterior wall/window opening, without demolition. Follow the link and continue reading more details about this amazing new drive-thru technology by Bavis. Look through our website.

An Evolution in Drive-Thru Solutions

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