Adventures of Mr. Drive-Thru


Who is Mr. Drive-Thru

Fear not concerned drive-thru investigator! I, an expert in drive-thru technology, am here to elucidate the many oft-misunderstood reasons why most pneumatic tube systems, inferior transaction drawers, muffled audio, and costly drive-thru downtime requiring many expensive service calls, seem to be your nemesis. Keep checking back as I outline my drive-thru adventures, which I hope

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Advanced Pneumatic Tube System

See the Advanced Pneumatic Tube System

The Advanced Pneumatic System by Bavis Drive-Thru is the only true solution pneumatic drive-thru. The damage done by water caused by condensation is much more than just inconvenient to users of the system.  The fact is, this water is an insidious destroyer of these systems.  The liquid water gets into the electronics and mechanical parts

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Condensation at the Drive-Thru

Like you, Mr. Drive-Thru doesn’t like a foggy band of bills or sliding his hands across a slippery script when at the drive-thru.  Pesky condensation is more than a nuisance it wreaks havoc on equipment and can make customers very uncomfortable. There have been numerous occasions while using old non-Bavis Drive-Thru pneumatics, when rusty discharge

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Pharmacy Drive-Thru

Go ahead….Take Credit! Lane-One In-Drawer Solution

There was a time when drive-thru service was only offered to people by global fast food chains. With time, the technology got better and the idea of offering drive-thru service was embraced by other industries as well, namely financial and pharmaceutical. Today, a number of banks and pharmacies have opened their drive-thru outlets in order

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