Bavis ATM Trax

The ATM Trax makes money collection and replacement in remote lanes safe and secure.

ATM Machine Money Replacement System


The most cost effective, secure means of moving ATM currency.

The ATM-TRAX transports a fully loaded currency cassette from the main building to a remote ATM using a highly efficient and low maintenance tape drive system. This results in lower operating cost and improved personnel security.

ATM-TRAX Benefits

Provides convenience
ATM can be replenished at the convenience of the bank thus providing better customer service.

Reduces Cost
Eliminates need for third party service and reduces personnel required for replenishment.

Improves Security
Large amounts of currency are not transported until representative is secure.


  • A sealed replenishment cassette is placed in the ATM-TRAX carrier.
  • Representative leaves Main Building and proceeds to ATM.
  • Once inside the locked ATM Building, the loaded cassette is transported to the ATM from the Main Building.
  • The ATM is then serviced. Prior to leaving the ATM Building all deposits, payments and remaining currency are transported to the Main Building via the ATM-TRAX.
  • Representative secures ATM and returns to Main Building.


  • Can incorporate multipoint audio/video options
  • B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio – Ready

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