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The Autoveyor commercial system is the answer to complicated transport issues.

Lane Lights

LED Traffic Control Signs for your Financial Drive-Thru


  • Visible in bright sunlight
  • Wider viewing angle than other LED signs
  • Available in both 120 volt and low voltage for cost effective wiring
  • No bulbs to change, LED’s life estimated at 100,000 hours
  • Stainless steel case measuring 16″ wide by 6-1/2″ high and only 2″ deep
  • Largest available lettering measures a full 4-1/4″ high for clear visibility
  • 25% more LED’s per letter, further enhancing visibility
  • Easy mounting system
  • One sign handles both “Open” and “Closed”
  • ATM sign also available
  • Two lane sign control panel available
  • Lane Lights can be connected to remote drive-thru system so they both power-up and down at the same time

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Mr. Drive-Thru's dog WOOF! sniffs out problems. For patron safety, he recommends the Bavis Vehicle Detection unit at your drive-thru

Vehicle Detection


This sensor uses an all new passive sensing technology to detect large ferrous objects. The sensor measures the change in the earth’s natural magnetic field caused by the introduction of a metal object such as a car, truck or van in the drive-thru lane. This is not an old style magnetometer or RF loop device.

  • Senses 3-dimensional changes to the earth’s magnetic field caused by cars or trucks entering the lane
  • Only detects cars or trucks in very limited area, reducing false triggers common with other systems
  • Completely integrated into Bavis drive-thru equipment, no curb cuts and can be retrofit into existing Bavis equipment as well as other manufacturers’ equipment
  • Solid state controls – no switches to wear out
  • Built-in intelligence to set sensor for each individual environment
  • One sensor can handle two lanes of drive-thru service
  • Designed to ignore the impact of temperature swings which can destabilize the magnetic field
  • True chime tone alert, no irritating buzzer or chirping sounds

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