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Between Floors and Across Spaces - Food Delivery Systems

Drive-Thru Vittleveyor®

Between-Floor and Spanned-Space Delivery

See the Vittleveyor® Benefits

Double Your Dinning Dollars

Do you have a kitchen is on a floor which is above or below the food service point? Or that is on the other side of the building? No problem.

The Vittleveyor® is not limited to transporting food and drink to a drive-thru. It can also be used to do internal transport. The most common form of internal transport has been between floors within a building

Consider Adding: Audio / Video Systems Integration

Audio / Video Options

Financial Drive-Thru Audio and Video Systems
  • Several multipoint audio/video solutions
  • Potential to use existing internal audio
  • Many are B.E.A.M. Ready

B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio
Bavis Enhanced Audio Module

Be Heard - Be Understood
  • Reduce environmental noise by as much as 90%, enabling concise communication
  • Diesel Engine, Traffic, Motor noise etc. — nearly eliminated
  • Boosts and enhances human speech

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