Go ahead….Take Credit! Lane-One In-Drawer Solution

There was a time when drive-thru service was only offered to people by global fast food chains. With time, the technology got better and the idea of offering drive-thru service was embraced by other industries as well, namely financial and pharmaceutical. Today, a number of banks and pharmacies have opened their drive-thru outlets in order to provide their customers with a convenient way of making a purchase or withdrawing money.

If banks and pharmacies have been able to multiply their revenue streams by opening their drive-thru outlets, it’s only because of the advancements brought in through drive-thru technology. It’s a fact that the modern equipment that is used in drive-thru facilities today has enhanced the overall customer experience.

One such technology is Bavis’ Lane One Debit or Credit Card Kit – a sophisticated system built to handle the payments made by patients for their medical prescriptions with either a debit or credit card. It’s the safest and the most reliable way to carry out a credit or debit card transaction at drive-thru pharmacies.

The device can be installed on a permanent mount or without a mount. However, the best thing about Bavis’ Lane One Debit or Credit Card Kit is that it can be retrofitted into any Bavis’ drawer that is already installed at your drive-thru service. Moreover, the kit is designed to accept payments via store card as well.

If you want to make your drive-thru pharmacy more convenient for the patients who visit it, feel free to contact Bavis for the most advanced technology that is being used at drive-thru facilities all over the world. With Bavis’ Lane One Debit or Credit Card Kit, your outlet will offer customers the most advanced experience that is possible at a drive-thru facility.

An Evolution in Drive-Thru Solutions

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