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Attention Installers and Service Technicians

Attention those skilled in installing and/or servicing drive-thru equipment! Bavis Drive-Thru is seeking competent and experienced personnel to join its nationwide network. Installers and service technicians should have the aptitude needed to adhere to our precise measurement and quality standards. This coupled with a proactive troubleshooting mentality and clear communications, are markers of success.

All installations are to be done correctly and tested rigorously while onsite to ensure smooth and seamless operation, no job is finished until the customer is fully taken care of.

Working with Bavis Drive-Thru means the opportunity to work with some of the most well-known names in Pharmacy, Banking, and Food Service. You will be expected to represent Bavis Drive-Thru and it’s quality solutions while on assignments.

We not only respect our independent service network, but we offer full marketing support for your personal brand. Working with Bavis Drive-Thru means growing together while helping those in need.

Service territories are typically within a 100-mile radius from the technician’s location.

Visit to gain familiarity with our products and services. All interested parties should contact us by phone at 513-677-0500 or e-mail us at

Passionate Sales Professionals

Are you passionate about learning and promoting the important technical details of a product, and helping to educate potential customers? Focused on ensuring that the best options are presented in a way that will help enable problems to be solved and their vision understood? Then Bavis Drive-Thru has an opportunity for you.

Bavis Drive-Thru is currently looking to add local sales representatives who will work closely with the sales and marketing executive team. Currently, we are looking for representatives in these areas:

  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina

Sales territories are typically regional, within a 300-mile radius.

Visit to gain familiarity with our products and services. All interested parties should contact us by phone at 513-677-0500 or e-mail us at

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