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Pharmacy Drive-Thru Equipment

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Pharmacy-Specific Remote Lane Drive Thru Systems

Captive Carrier TransTrax®

This pharmacy-specific positive-drive system is used to carry large items from inside the building to a remote drive-thru pickup area. Many features which make pneumatics obsolete.

Pneumatic Tube Delivery Systems

Bavis Air
Basic Pneumatic System

Pneumatic Tube System by Bavis Drive-Thru. This Basic system is far superior to others on the market, solving many of the problems inherent in the industry.
Basic Pneumatic System (BPS)

The Bavis Air Basic Pneumatic System (BPS) is a low cost pneumatic tube alternative with built-in Bavis quality. While pneumatic tube systems are sometimes used as Pharmacy Drive-Thru equipment, we strongly recommend the Captive-Carrier TransTrax™, or if you must stay with pneumatics, the APS (pictured right) is a better option in pharmacy applications.

Bavis Air
Advanced Pneumatic System

Advanced Pneumatic System (APS)

The Bavis Air Advanced Pneumatic System (APS) is not just another pneumatic tube product.

This product is engineered to solve a number of the problems that plague other tube systems

Lane One
Transaction Drawers

Bavis Lane-One Drive-Thru Transaction Drawers

PTD-5000 Tank

Transaction Drawer - PTD-5000 Tank - Deal Drawers Pharmacy and Financial Drive-Thru
  • Our premiere high-capacity powered drawer
  • 18″ reach and 25lb load capacity
  • Available heated

PSD-3000 Spark

Transaction Drawer PSD-3000 Spark - powered deal drawer
  • This drawer was designed to replace certain out-of-business manufacturers such as Mosler

PxD-2000 Buddy

Transaction Drawers
  • Our durable and reliable drawer, with an economical footprint
  • Available heated

MTD-1000 SideKick

Transaction Drawer MTD-1000 SideKick - manual deal drawer
  • A durable high-capacity manual drawer
  • Available heated

MBD-900 Associate

Transaction Drawer MBD-900 Associate
  • Our premiere high-capacity manual drawer
  • Full-duplex audio included
  • Available heated

Retrofit Drawer

Bavis Retrofit Solutions
  • We have developed hundreds of plans that will enable any institution to replace aging drive-thru equipment and modernize with Bavis Drive-Thru solutions.

Pharmacy Drive-Thru Audio / Video

Consider Adding: Audio / Video Systems Integration

Audio / Video Options

  • Several multipoint audio/video solutions
  • Potential to use existing internal audio

B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio

Be Heard - Be Understood
  • Reduce environmental noise by as much as 90%, enabling concise communication
  • Diesel Engine, Traffic, Motor noise etc. — nearly eliminated
  • Boosts and enhances human speech

Pharmacy Windows and
Bullet-Resistant Glass

UL Listed Bullet Resistant Windows and Drawers

Baivs Pharmacy Window and Drawer

Bavis offers a wide variety of drive-thru windows, drawers, and all-in-one units for Pharmacies.   All have at minimum Level 1 UL Listed Bullet Resistant Glass.  There are many sizes to choose from, ranging from 32″ to 15′ wide.

The standard finish is Textured Black or Dark Bronze powder coat.  Custom colors are available.

Bavis Enhanced Audio Module
  • Level 1 UL Listed Bullet-Resistant Glass
  • Sizes from 32 inches to 15 feet in width
  • Hurricane rated and Insulated options available
  • Full counter work area and Transaction Drawer ready
  • Custom color frames available


A number of solutions to round out your drive-thru experience.


– Lane Lights Open / Close and more
– Vehicle Detection
– Professional Workstations
– Lane One and Remote Debit/Credit Card Kits

Retrofit Program

Bavis Retrofit Solutions
No matter what your current situation - we have your solution

Retrofit Program for Pharmacy Modernization

  • Replace old technology drawers and windows from companies such as Diebold, ComCo, Hamilton, Quick Tube and more.
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