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Pneumatic Tube Systems —Evolved

Bavis as TRULY SOLVED pneumatic drive-thru with the most advanced features available anywhere on the market and at a truly competitive price.

At Bavis Drive-Thru we have engineered an evolution in the Pneumatic Tube System. When we say best, we mean best. ALL of the problems in pneumatic tube systems have been truly solved. At the pharmacy, bank, or credit union other pneumatic tubes are wrought with issues. From the carrier being stuck in transit, to water being expelled on the guest upon the tube’s arrival — these old systems are just not worth the headache. That’s why Bavis Drive-Thru pneumatic tube systems have been created. We circumvent the crisis by creating a much better product at a competitive upfront price, and consequently will lead to thousands in savings in the long-run. Don’t pay for constant service calls and suffer lost production, Bavis Drive-Thru we’ve got you covered.

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Pneumatic Tube Systems

Pneumatic Tube System by Bavis Drive-Thru. This Basic system is far superior to others on the market, solving many of the problems inherent in the industry.
Basic Pneumatic System (BPS)

The best introductory pneumatic tube system for drive-thru, in the market today.

Basic Pneumatic System

Comparable in cost to other pneumatic systems, but a stand-out superior solution.

Key Features

  • Condensation FREE ( Problem Solved!)
  • No power to the island needed
  • Ultra smooth and reliable
  • Rain shield and windscreen products microphone for greater audio clarity
  • Tech/Service friendly
  • A genuine UL Listed product
Advanced Pneumatic System (APS)

The most advanced pneumatic tube system available. All the ingredients that boost longevity and lower lifecycle costs.

Advanced Pneumatic System

No other Pneumatic System in existence offers the features and value of the APS

Key Features

  • Automatic doors – a key component in durability and longevity
  • Less down time and extended motor life.
  • Dependable braking action of carriers, increasing carrier life and eliminating ejection
  • Quiet operation allows two way communication while system is in use.
  • Two year manufactures warranty

Consider Adding: Audio / Video Systems Integration

Audio / Video Options

  • Several multipoint audio/video solutions
  • Potential to use existing internal audio
  • Many are B.E.A.M. Ready

B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio
Bavis Enhanced Audio Module

Be Heard - Be Understood
  • Reduce environmental noise by as much as 90%, enabling concise communication
  • Diesel Engine, Traffic, Motor noise etc. — nearly eliminated
  • Boosts and enhances human speech

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An Evolution in Drive-Thru Solutions

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