Bavis Captive Carrier TransTrax®

The Captive Carrier TransTrax® positive-drive remote drive-thru solution is the advanced alternative to pneumatic systems for Pharmacies.


This pharmacy-specific solution eliminates inferior pneumatic tube systems and all of their problems. This product is target-engineered as a pharmacy-specific solution. High capacity, smooth operation, unbeatable reliability and durability.

The pharmacy operator is also capable of positioning the Captive Carrier TransTrax® at different vehicle heights for additional customer convenience. Also, since the carrier is affixed to the machine itself, this avoids any potential added costs of replacement due to loss or damage.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the importance of retail pharmacies being providers of both pharmaceuticals and food essentials has become very important. Consider the Drive-Thru or Internal Vittleveyor® if you would like to offer large items, such as diapers, toilet paper, and other larger items etc.


  • Industry-leading capacity – for maximum utilization
  • Light footprint – saving valuable real estate costs
  • Doors open/close automatically – without a using motor
  • Delivery to either car or truck height – flexibility on demand
  • The Captive Carrier TransTrax® uses a single drive motor, vs. multiple drive motors in pneumatic tube systems
  • Motor life rated at up to 20x that of pneumatic tube motors
  • Architecturally advantaged design – custom installation
  • Solid-state electronics logic control system
  • Advanced electro-mechanical braking system
  • Bright-Red color maximizes attention, thus minimizing collisions
  • One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Built-in Diagnostics


  • Multiple Audio/Video options including B.E.A.M.
  • Privacy handsets
  • Reverse lane delivery
  • Debit/credit card reader

Captive Carrier TransTrax - SOLAR edition

Enjoy the world’s first SOLAR (optional) powered drive-thru system for pharmacies. SOLAR drive-thru for a GREENER tomorrow. 
A single typical outdated non-solar pneumatic tube system produces a burden of 2,848 lbs. of CO2 annually on the environment. A solar powered Captive Carrier TransTrax® emits 0 pounds of CO2. A solar panel captures the energy from the sun to transport the transaction from the vehicle to the pharmacy without emitting any carbon in the process. The Captive Carrier TransTrax® requires little maintenance resulting in fewer replacement parts and service calls therefore lowering the carbon burden when compared to a pneumatic tube. Also virtually every component of the Solar Captive Carrier TransTrax® is recyclable.

By using the Solar Captive Carrier TransTrax® your organization will save approximately $6,000 per lane over a 10-year period when compared to carbon heavy tube systems. Lowering your carbon footprint will contribute to a cleaner environment and a more energy efficient operation. This will also enhance your corporate image and positively impact your public relations efforts.

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