Quick Service Drive-Thru Equipment

Large-Item Remote Delivery

Perfect for Fast Food, and Dine-in Restaurants.
Increase Your Dining dollars with bavis drive-thru

Also a good remote delivery option for Pharmaceutical + OTC + Grocery and more.

A great way to future-proof essential item delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic and other unforeseen interruptions.​

When Size and Stability Matter.

Deliver Drinks Without Spilling a Drop!

Between Floors and Across Spaces - Product Delivery Systems

Drive-Thru Vittleveyor®

Spanned-Space Delivery of large and important items. Delivery of food and pharmaceuticals to your drive-thru has never been easier, or possible until now.

Easy to deliver multiple orders of food at the drive-thru and stable enough do delivery coffee and fountain drinks without spilling a drop.

Restaurants are able to keep large-volume business going at the drive-thru without the need or worry about social-distancing inside. During the current Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, you can rest assured that business will continue by being future-proofed during unforeseen times.

Drive-Thru Vittleveyor

The Drive-Thru Vittleveyor® can transform challenging spaces into easy delivery systems.

Internal - Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

Is your working/prep area on a floor which is above or below the service point? No problem.

The same great applications as the Drive-Thru Vittleveyor® but designed to transport goods between floors. In some situations, such as in New York, where it’s more feasible to place the preparation area on a different floor than the service area, this is an invaluable solution.

Internal Vertical Vittleveyor

The Internal Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor is not limited to transporting food and drink to a drive-thru on a single floor plane. It can also be used to do internal transport of important items such as food, grocery and pharmaceuticals. The most common form of internal transport has been between floors within a building.

The Drive-Thru Vittleveyor® and the Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) are a unique systems that were designed to expand the capacity at new or existing locations or to provide drive-thru service where it was not possible before due to traffic flow, pavement / finished floor height differences obstacles or other problems. 

The Drive-Thru Vittleveyor® is a specially designed tape driven conveyor that uses a 20″ x 15″ basket to transport, pharmaceuticals, food and drink. The basket is so stable that, the drinks will not spill. In a standard configuration of the Vittleveyor®, this basket travels up, makes a 90 degree turn, travels across and then makes another 90 degree turn down to the delivery point. 

The Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) uses a similar sized transport unit designed to be able to accommodate trays if needed. This unit can pass through floors of a building to deliver multiple type of products, and like the Drive-Thru Vittleveyor® is smooth and stable enough to carry beverages.

While multiple lanes of traffic was the initial purpose of the Vittleveyor®, we found that there were many restaurants and other businesses that could benefit from these no-touch essential product delivery systems. Pharmacies that wanted to supply much larger items, including essential groceries at the drive-thru. Public service sectors such as post offices can now deliver larger packages at the drive-thru, and military and healthcare services can quickly and safely dispense needed supplies in a like fashion.

We have taken merchandise over hallways, restrooms, dining areas and even between floors. And both solutions are available in reverse-lane (reverse pickup) configurations.

When it comes to providing drive-thru and essential product delivery in previously impossible locations, we tell our customers that the possibilities are endless. 

Maximize Your Drive-Thru Product Offerings with the Vittleveyor® or VRC

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