Drive-Thru Vision Windows and Glass

Safety and Vision Matter at the Drive-Thru

If you’re looking for something that can make your drive-thru outlet safe and provide a clear view of your guests, get in touch with Bavis Drive-Thru for some really great ideas. Bavis is the name you cannot forget to mention when you’re talking about drive-thru technology and how a drive-thru outlet can be made more customer-friendly.

The UL-Listed Vision Windows by Bavis are one of the company’s many creations that are designed to enhance the safety and overall customer experience at a drive-thru outlet. The following features make Separate Vision Windows simply outstanding addition to your drive-thru outlet:

·      UL Listed Level-1 bullet resistant glass

·      Encased in a 14ga black powder-coated galvanized steel frame

·      The frame is assembled to provide 2 layers of corrosion protection made up of galvanized rust-resistant and powder coat outer finish 14ga. steel

·      Readily available in black, silver and dark bronze colors

·      Secured with spanner head tamper-resistant screws

·      Easy to install

·      Can be fitted with Insulated and/or Hurricane rated bullet -resistant glass

·      Available in sizes from 32 inches or 15 feet in width. Available in custom sizes upon request as well

See Our Separate Vision Windows here, today!

An Evolution in Drive-Thru Solutions

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