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The Advanced Pneumatic System by Bavis Drive-Thru is the only true solution pneumatic drive-thru.

The damage done by water caused by condensation is much more than just inconvenient to users of the system.  The fact is, this water is an insidious destroyer of these systems.  The liquid water gets into the electronics and mechanical parts of the Pneumatic System causing corrosion.  In the case of steel tubing-based system, the water leads to a rusting pipe.  All of this corrosion leads to downtime, on-going maintenance, and part replacement.

The system that has the worst problems with condensation is the new class of Open Tube Systems.  These systems, under the guise of reducing the number of moving parts, allow both ends of the tube system to be open at all times.  Since commercial buildings use heating and air conditioning systems they are either negatively-pressurized or if they use make-up-air are positively-pressurized.  In either case, air is always flowing one way or another through this system, generating on-going condensation and water in the tubes.

Many manufacturers of pneumatic tube systems circulate warm air through the tubes in order to keep them warm so condensation is less likely to occur.

Using our patented system, we have designed a Pneumatic system to manage airflow in order to minimize condensation.  We’ve been so successful with this solution that a condensation abatement system is not even offered, as it is not needed.


Your pneumatic condensation problem has it’s a solution, get it here: Bavis Drive-Thru Advanced Pneumatic Tube System


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