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Drive-Thru Transaction Drawers

Durable and Reliable Drive-Thru Transaction Drawers for Banking and Pharmacy

Transaction Drawers are such an important part of your drive-thru business, we help you make the right decision. Transaction Drawers are used on a daily basis in fast-paced and environmentally-strenuous circumstances. Bavis Drive-Thru Security Transaction Drawers are simply made better; they are longer lasting and far more durable than any competitor deal drawer available. Bavis Drive-Thru offers several types of Security Transaction Drawers, both manual and powered. Get just the right fit.

Bavis Lane-One Transaction Drawers


P/N: 00500993

Transaction Drawer — Powered

  • Our premiere high-capacity powered security transaction drawer
  • 18″ stroke and 25lb load capacity
  • Available heated
  • Ready for many different audio and retrofit face combinations. *shown with optional BavSonic TD Audio Panel

PSD-3000 Spark

P/N: 20000991


Transaction Drawer — Powered

Transaction Drawer PSD-3000 Spark - powered deal drawer
  • Our mid-sized security transaction drawer can used anywhere – and helpful for retrofit applications
  • 18″ stroke and 25lb load capacity

PXD-2000 Buddy

P/N: 30000991

Transaction Drawer — Powered

Transaction Drawer PxD-2000 Buddy - powered deal drawer
  • Our durable and reliable security transaction drawer, with an economical footprint
  • Retrofitting into any existing site without the need to enlarge the wall opening

MTD-1000 SideKick

P/N: 13000991

Transaction Drawer — Manual

Transaction Drawer MTD-1000 SideKick - manual deal drawer
  • A durable high-capacity manual security transaction drawer
  • 2:1 movement ratio for ease-of-operation

MBD-900 Associate

P/N: 28000993

Transaction Drawer — Manual

Transaction Drawer MBD-900 Associate
  • Our premiere high-capacity manual security transaction drawer
  • Full-duplex audio included
  • Countertop included

Retrofit a Drawer

Bavis Retrofit Solutions
  • We have developed hundreds of plans that will enable any institution to replace aging drive-thru equipment and modernize with a new Bavis Drive-Thru Security Transaction Drawer solution.

Audio / Video Solutions

Consider Adding: Audio / Video Systems Integration

Audio / Video Options

  • Several multipoint audio/video solutions
  • Potential to use existing internal audio
  • Many are B.E.A.M. Ready

B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio
Bavis Enhanced Audio Module

Be Heard - Be Understood
  • Reduce environmental noise by as much as 90%, enabling concise communication
  • Diesel Engine, Traffic, Motor noise etc. — nearly eliminated
  • Boosts and enhances human speech

Retrofit Program

Bavis Retrofit Solutions
No matter what your current situation - we have your solution

Retrofit Program for Drive-Thru Modernization

  • Replace old technology drawers and windows from companies such as Diebold, Hamilton, and more
  • Easy to adapt and install
  • Enjoy a mass of updated features with a low cost of entry 

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