PSD-3000 Spark

P/N: 20000991

Transaction Drawer PSD-3000 Spark - powered deal drawer


If your organization is using an older drawer, and would like to replace it due to wear, damage or lack of par performance, Bavis has the solution in its new “Replacement Drawer”.can replace a variety of old manufacture’s drawers..


  • Powered operation with electronic brake for positioning
  • Solid state electronics eliminate gears, belts and pulleys for smooth trouble free operation
  • Large 16 ½” x 11” x 5 ¼” interior usable dimensions
  • 25 lb. weight capacity
  • 18” of extension for greater accessibility
  • Flat compression seals eliminate airflow and reduce noise
  • Sliding interior door with safety bar
  • Drawer is .050 aluminum, shell 11ga. steel and door 1/8” aluminum
  • Paper transactions secured with full length hold down bar
  • Scratch resistant powder coat finish available in custom colors
  • UL Listed


  • Heated bin

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