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Due to Increased Demand for Safe, No-Touch Drive-Thru Delivery Solutions Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, We Have Ramped Up Production to Help Our Nation.

Drive-Thru solutions are more important than ever. Put your business in a good position now, and going forward — with Drive-Thru!
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We Have The Solution You Need. Drive-Thru Systems for Financial, Pharmacy, Dispensary, Civic, and Quick Service are right here at Bavis Drive-Thru

If you have a Drive-Thru problem, Bavis has your

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Bavis Drive-Thru customers enjoy fewer costly service calls and less downtime.

When it comes to FinancialPharmacyDispensaryCivil and Quick Service Drive-Thru Equipment, Bavis Drive-Thru is the industry innovation leader, As a result, our products outlast and outperform all others. We proudly serve communities across the nation and in select areas of the world with drive-thru equipment. We offer solutions that is easy to install, competitively-priced, and have lasting value. Working with us pain-free and profitable. 

Our drive-thru drawers, drive-thru windowspneumatic tube systemspositive-drive systems and drive-thru audio and video, provide the perfect solution for your bank, credit union, pharmacy or restaurant. Have a look, and Contact Us To Discuss Your Needs Today!

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Drive-Thru Equipment
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In this section, we take a look at the problems faced by those involved in drive-thru operations. We explore multiple perspectives — from the purchaser, the installer, the service-techs and importantly the end-user. And how our products solve these issues. 

Sometimes You Need a Hero

What you may not know is that most drive-thru companies and their dealers rely on service calls to repair, or replace broken equipment that was built-to-fail.

At Bavis Drive-Thru we have engineered Financial and Pharmacy Drive-Thru Equipment with superior solutions in drive-up and remote-lane delivery. Products like our TransTrax® banking drive-thru delivery; along with our pharmacy-specific Captive Carrier TransTrax® are unique positive-drive systems. While our pneumatic tube systems: The Basic Pneumatic Tube System (BPS) and Advanced Pneumatic System (APS) provide a superior solution to all other pneumatic systems on the market, which are inferior and costly to service — despite their claims. Whether it is a brand new site or instances where a retrofit solution is needed — we have you covered.

Our advanced line of security drawers, including our flagship Transaction Drawer™ the PTD-5000 TANK, as well as several others that are smartly-designed for YOU to run your business — not to worry about constant costs of service calls. Mr. Drive-Thru and his dutiful dog Woof! have sniffed out the trouble in the industry, and are on a constant crusade to rid the world of drive-thru woes. Read Mr. Drive-Thru’s adventures here.

Let Bavis Drive-Thru be your hero! We will solve your problems, modernize your Drive-Thru and work with you to achieve your goals!

An Evolution in Drive-Thru Solutions

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