Bavis Enhanced Audio Module (B.E.A.M.)

Description of B.E.A.M intelligent audio

There are special needs when it comes to communications for drive-thru customers. The typical audio systems found in financial institutions and fast food restaurants were designed for quick, simple communications and do not provide clear understandable audio. The consequences of mistaken communications in these industries are prevalent.

Simplified communication requires that the customer not only be heard with as little distracting background noise as possible, but also be clear enough to distinguish between each and every word. For instance, distinguishing between extremely sensitive words that include numbers, measurements and account-holder information, is critical. The consequences for miscommunication in critical transactions are cascading. As previously stated, generic drive-thru audio systems do not provide the quality of audio required. Bavis has done their homework and provided for these requirements in their B.E.A.M. interfaces.


  • Multiple Telephone Audio interfaces including VoIP
  • As much as 90% reduction in environmental noise
  • Private conversations (HIPAA)
  • Enhancement and boosting of human speech
  • Ability to use current phone system – eliminating console cost
  • Conference calling
  • Suggestive selling – promote brand products and services
  • Remote consultation (from anywhere)
  • Supports all phone capabilities, such as: headsets, distinctive ring, call transfer
  • May operate independently of banking phone system
  • Non-telephone based applications also availableImmediate reduction of environmental noise

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