Bavis Advanced Pneumatic Tube System (APS)


The Bavis Advanced Pneumatic Tube System (APS) drive-thru solution for banking is the most advanced pneumatic tube solution for financial institutions, available. It’s simple to install and maintain, purposefully engineered so that all problems typically experienced with pneumatic tubes are gone. 

Unlike other competitors, problems have been TRULY SOLVED, not just claimed to be.


  • Automatic doors seal closed on both ends when power is off, preventing condensation in tubes – a key component in durability and longevity
  • Microprocessor logs blower run times, number of transactions and system faults.
  • Redundant shut off system results in minimized blower run time, less down time and extended motor life.
  • Powder coated aluminum vertical-enclosures, available in custom colors, provide an attractive rust free finish.
  • Dependable braking action of carriers increases carrier life and eliminate ejection
  • Microprocessor based controls with always active diagnostic LED’s.
  • Quiet operation allows two way communication while system is in use.
  • Does not use Cat-5 cables (which are inferior and failure-prone)
  • No power to island needed
  • Two year manufactures warranty


  • B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio – Ready
  • Several Audio/Video options available
  • Custom colors are available

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