Bavis TransTraxTM

Better than pneumatic tube systems, the Bavis TransTrax wins big


The TransTrax® uses the field proven reliability of a positive drive tape system. Because of this technology the product only requires four moving components and all controls are solid state. As a result annual maintenance and downtime are significantly reduced making the TransTrax® the most cost effective product in its class averaging less than one service call per lane annually.


  • 1-on-1 audio included
  • Solid state (no gears, pulleys, etc.)
  • Only 4 moving parts


  • B.E.A.M. Intelligent Audio – Ready
  • Several Audio/Video options
  • Custom colors are available
  • Solar Powered

The Solar TransTrax® positive-drive remote drive-thru solution runs on the sun. This makes pneumatic systems for banking yesterday’s news.

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